Wedding Story of Abishek & Khushbu

Every time I think of a Phera (Wedding), this is the story that comes to my mind. It was my partner Pavitran’s event and I was there at the event handling the photoshoot. That was when I met Abishek, a young and energetic guy with lots of fun and inspiration. We became friends with Jeeju Naveen (Abishek’s Uncle) at the event and he took care of us and treated us like guests until we stayed there. It was a very friendly photoshoot and we became close with Abishek’s family. We had to travel through train and the journey built some good raport with Abishek and his family. I was in touch with Abishek regularly and we met each other at few other events. That was when myself and Pavitran joined to establish Sparkish Media and we had started our venture. One fine day, I got a call from Abishek, announcing his marriage with Khushbu. We were very happy to hear the news and our joys knew no extent when he asked us to take care of his Wedding Photography. In fact it was a surprise to us to know that he did not approach any other photography services in the city and called me directly. Abishek was very clear in his selection. He wanted an Elite package for his wedding shoot and did not worry about the pricing. We wanted to prove him right for selecting us, by working on the best theme and package that he expected. The day of the pre-wedding shoot arrived and it would be over whelming to say, we had one of the best couple shoots of our time. The Indoor and outdoor places, visuals, beach sequences everything came out extremely well. At the Phera (Wedding), we felt like we were shooting our own family wedding. We were made so comfortable by their family and friends and what else can we expect when our Jeeju was there to take care of us!! Abishek & Khushbu were really happy with the way we handled the Phera and Reception shoot and were all praises for our team and our work. We were happy that we gave our best and were able to satisfy our close friend at his wedding. The couple got a friend for life and I got a family for life.

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