Brahmin Wedding Stories of Aditya Family | Sparkish Media

It was a busy day at work and I was about to take a tea break when I got a phone call. I instantly recognised the name. It was Adithya, my childhood friend. It has been a long time since I heard from him. To my surprise, it was happy news from him. Yes, he is marrying Anitha in a typical Tamil Brahmin styled wedding. He wanted to know if I can plan the wedding shoot. Of course yes, that’s why I am here buddy i replied. Adithya was very happy to join hands with me, his childhood friend to capture his wedding memories. We discussed and finally prepared our ideas to shoot an outdoor sequence, the wedding and also the reception. I knew Adithya for a long time. He was friendly, enthusiastic, sportive and very co-operative and it was no surprise he got a match like Anitha, who was an exact replica of his character. We were able to understand them better when they gave us a clear view on the happening moments between them during the shoot. Our team felt comfortable in handling the shoot and we found it challenging to match Adithya’s expectations of visualisation and creativity. We delivered our best results to the couple and they were really happy with our work and expressed their delight.

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