Wedding story of Kamlesh and Priyanka | Sparkiah Media

This is one story which will always linger on my mind. It feels as if it happened within a short period, but the memories of the efforts taken to create this story stay fresh to this day. It all started when Mr. Kamlesh and Ms. Priyanka approached us with a different idea. They wanted to shoot an outdoor video of a story sequence. We sat with them and had a discussion about their idea. We wanted to make their video concept an innovative one. After a few hours, we were able to make them smile for our new idea, a Matrimonial Match concept which will be created for their story type sequence. They were really impressed with our out of the box thinking. The day of the shoot arrived and the couple took us to some wonderful places. They managed to provide us some mind blowing locations and properties. It was a great experience shooting the video with them. We used helicams (a remote-controlled mini helicopter used to obtain aerial pictures or motion images using video, still or motion film cameras) to create a bird’s eye view of the entire place. We also had some exotic collection of cars for the shoot which was a new concept for wedding shoots in Chennai. Kamlesh was energetic, fun and naughty during the shoot which can be seen in the moments captured. Priyanka was kind, subtle and polite. After the video shoot was done, we released a teaser for the video and it became an instant hit among the couple’s friends and family (Watch the full video to know why). The couple were really impressed with our shoot concept and they really liked the way we created the story. We are delighted to have given a treat to the couple by providing a product that was beyond their imagination.

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